The rock point protects the end of the pile from breaking when driving piles into a soil with boulders. Owing to its smart construction, the Emeca rock point’s capacity to withstand bending and compressing stress is extremely high. Like the pile joints, it is suitable for all kinds of concrete piles. The tip of the rock point is made from hardened special steel. Therefore, it anchors firmly and reliably even on a slanting bedrock.

In addition to the standard rock point, we also manufacture a special rock point with full-sized bottom plate that withstands even the highest loads.

The Emeca rock points have been tested in accordance with the standard SFS-EN 12794 class A.


The piles to be driven into soft soil can be fitted with a pile shoe while being cast.  The pile shoe prevents the lower end of the pile from getting crushed by the driving. Owing to the open structure of Emeca pile shoes, no air pockets will be created during the casting process. Preferably, it pays to fit the pile with an Emeca rock point.  If the soil at the work site appears to be harder than expected, the piles fitted with a pile shoe, can be retrofitted with a rock point.