In addition to manufacturing, we offer our clients co-operation in the field of planning and technical support. For years, together with our clients we have been realizing significant innovations both in products and the manufacturing process. We do by no means carry out continuous and active R&D alone but in close co-operation with our clients. The technical support rendered by us is also available to our clients at all times.

– Petri Koivunen, Emeca Oy


One of Emeca’s clear areas of excellence is the ability and will to adapt to the challenges which face the client. In addition to products of standard size, Emeca also designs and manufactures products that are tailored in detail to clients’ needs.  For years, Emeca has manufactured in a proficient way the most versatile products for many special needs, in large batches as well as small. The dimensions and components of Emeca’s standard size products can be adapted to meet the client’s needs. In addition, Emeca has the capability to plan and manufacture totally new types of products based on the initial data submitted by the client, in co-operation with the client.