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Pile shoe

The piles to be driven into soft soil can be fitted with a pile shoe while being cast.  Maakarki emecaThe pile shoe prevents the lower end of the pile from getting crushed by the driving. Owing to the open structure of Emeca pile shoes, no air pockets will be created during the casting process. Preferably, it pays to fit the pile with an Emeca rock point.  If the soil at the work site appears to be harder than expected, the piles fitted with a pile shoe, can be retrofitted with a rock point. 

Crack ring

The Emeca crack ring protects the driving end of the pile against Tukivanne emeca
strains while driving.
The Emeca crack ring is installed in the pile during the casting,
10 mm below the bevelled edge of the pile.

Driving plate

Using the Emeca driving plates improves the quality of the piling work, makes driving of the Lyontilevy emecapiles easier, and protects the locking parts of the joint. The driving plate is  fastened to the joint with locking cotters that prevent them from coming loose. The material of the driving plate is either Al-Si or Nylon.

Casting guides and tools

Our familiarity with the entire piling chain has helped us create innovative tools both for casting and for piling. The high-quality piles are manufactured using Emeca casting guides and tools.
For pile factories we have developed a guide for casting the joint that tightens the joint in a straight position perpendicular to the pile's longitudinal axis. As a result of our development work, we have also created a tool for casting the rock point, which directs the rock point parallel to the pile's axis, and a casting tool that ensures the straightness of the piles head, and gives it the correct form.

We are always prepared to tailor new types of casting tools, such as casting guide beams, for the needs of our individual clients.

Casting mould sets

Emeca has designed a number of different casting mould sets, and taken part in the planning of complete pile factories. We can offer pile-casting moulds, planned and realised according to the needs of our clients, even on a turnkey basis.

The constantly updated know-how of our staff, and our experience that spans over 20 years is always at your disposal.