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Pile joint

The torque strength and easy-to-install pile joint is ideal for work where reinforced concrete piles cannot be cast or transported in single pile length. The Emeca pile joints transfer the entire load from one subsection of the pile to the next without impairing the load-bearing capacity of the pile.

Emeca pile joints can be used for all types of concrete piles. Emeca pile joint makes extending at the  site quick and safety. We design and manufacture the pile joints in strict accordance with valid standards and regulations. Emeca pile joints have been tested in accordance with the standard SFS-EN 12794 class A.

Documents (pdf)
General instructions for using the pile joint

Technical datasheets for standard types

200x200 mm2   1-200-1,   1-200-2
235x235 mm2   1-235-A,    1-235-B,   1-235-C
250x250 mm2   1-250-A, 1-250-B
270x270 mm2   1-270-A, 1-270-B,   1-270-C,   1-270-D,   1-270-MA
300x300 mm2   1-300-A,   1-300-B
350x350 mm2   1-350-A,   1-350-B
400x400 mm2   1-400-A,   1-400-B1,   1-400-B2